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Morgann Gicquel

Director, Editor, Spectator

Morgann Gicquel
Paris (75015) France
Professional Status
Open to opportunities
About Me
I grew up with two important father figures : a giant beta camera and Jurassic Park toys.

Through those you can see my entire life: the fascination of small monsters and this huge device, more than half my size, which could record everything I saw.

When I was 11, I got 'Lego Studio' a Lego movie set with its own mini-camera and mini-editing software. This was the start of so many stop-motion animations that I continue today.

Every morning before going to school, at the age of 13, I watched a film. I got up two hours before the classes began and before getting some instruction, I educated myself with Polanski, Spielberg, Weir, Kubrick, Lynch - to name but a few - for more than four years.

14 years old: I film everything. My friends, my dog, my parents, the sea, the sky, the moon, legos... I begin to build my own short-stories with my friends and what comes handy. In eight grade I co-direct with three classmates a 14minutes documentary about the Shoah.

I went for a scientific high school diploma. But, even though I have a real fascination for science, my grades doesn't hold up. I try to make up for my non-scholar mind in going regularly to a film workshop where we experiment video art. With the firm intention of doing things my way, and while discovering Kubrick's cinema, I decide to make a 50minutes film with some classmate and my own equipment. We then set up a paying screening which attracted some 200 viewers.

I did it again in twelfth grade with a second 50minute long film, the same year I would pass my high school diploma in science (baccalauréat S). The film, called Baccalauréat, is about the insecurities and self-estime issues with teenagers and got an article in the french magazine Marianne.

My high school diploma in hands, I went to Paris VIII university to follow a bachelor in philosophy with a minor on film studies. As I always dreamt of an open education in a humanist way, I certainly got what I wanted.

During the summer with my old high school classmates, we create a film society to help teenagers between the ages of 15 and 25 to make films, animations and music (in direct relation with cinema). I'm appointed president.

During the second semester of my first college year I became politicly engaged in a strike against french law LRU which could result to ending such curriculum as philosophy & cinema.

At 21 I was giving my first classes at University (What is cinema). Two years later I flew to New York to learn about cinematography at Brooklyn College.

Today I have directed more than 30 short films and 150+ corporate videos, commercials, music videos and I'm embarking on a journey to direct my first feature documentary.
A documentary about famous Duck artist Don Rosa and the impact of his work in the arts through his worldwide fanbase.
Since 2007 I've been directing, editing and shooting narrative short-films, documentaries, news reports, corporate videos, music videos, on HD, HDV and film (both super 8 and 16mm).
Demo Reel of my corporate work. More than a hundred videos directed and edited for Imagine-R, ESKWAD, and TeleTime Video and their clients: Challenges, ADP, Geico, Dairy Queen, Great Clips, MU Vison, Ranking Alive, Hand & Stone, Melusyn...
Director & Editor: Morgann Gicquel
Art Director and caracter making: Charlie Balthazar, Joana Fillol-Carlini, Nielsen Landrieve, Elodie Willoquet, Kim Charpillat & Florence Bernard
Stop-motion animation : Théo Semet, Florence Bernard, Joana Fillol-Carlini, Nielsen & Marian Landrieve, & Morgann Gicquel
Director of photography : Louis-Frédéric Schefer
Live recording crew: Joséphine Méreuze, Hélène Robinot, Louis-Frédéric Schefer, Charlie Balthazar, Marie Sebastia, Emmeline Girot, Mélanie Cabrita & Bessie Baudin
Post-Production: Louis-Frédéric Schefer & Nielsen Landrieve
First US Single by Alejandro Meola & Robinsones. Shot on 16mm film stock in New York City. "Black Feathered Angels", now available on Itunes, Google Play, Amazon & Spotify.
Réalisé par Morgann Gicquel - Image & couleur : Louis-Frédéric Schefer - Assistant caméra : Samuel Dillies - Assistante réalisation : Joséphine Méreuze -
Jury Grand Prize Négociné festival 2012 (won) - - Prix Serge Daney (nominated) - Classic 1953 film, The End of The World is the last silent Czech film. A scientist, a reporter and his fiancée embark on a journey to the center of the earth to find prehistoric monsters, what could possibly go wrong ?
Directed and edited in one day for Mark Voelpel's Directing Workshop at Brooklyn College.
Film réalisé et monté en un jour pour le Directing Workshop de Mark Voelpel à Brooklyn College. Un colis peut en cacher un autre. La lutte acharner entre un homme et le paquet qu'il a reçu.
Creation date
18 Sep 2013
Stop-motion adaptation of Victor Hugo's poem A qui la faute ? (Who is to blame?).
The film I was commissioned to do for french website Crop The Block.
Creation date
01 May 2013
The opening credits sequence imagined by Sebastian Feirrera for the screenplay The Precautionary Principle by Morgann Gicquel
Creation date
29 Nov 2014
Scénario d'un court-métrage expérimental de cinq minutes, muet, sur le bruit, tourné en pellicule super 8. Plus d'information sur :
A man wakes up in a park to find himself without a voice, only the sound of a tuba.
Written, directed, edited, and finished in three days.
Somewhere between 1909 and 2009.
Allan comes back from a washed down party. On the way home he's convinced that someone, or something, is following him. Once in his appartment, he decides to retreat in his bathroom, revealing his thoughts through a french poem inspired by The Raven from Edgar Allan Poe.
Don Rosa came to France in 2013 for the international comics festival of Angoulème. He also did a couple signings in Paris. We followed him during his stay, asking him some questions about the recent french edition of Times & Life of Scrooge McDuck by Glénat. Enjoy !
Une semaine avant les premières épreuves du Baccalauréat, cinq adolescents de filières et d’horizons différents décident d’un commun accord de travailler ensemble. Chacun a son jour, et chacun s’y épanoui individuellement. Aucun des cinq élèves ne pénétrera dans la salle de l’examen...

Dans ce moyen-métrage de 50 minutes, les stéréotypes des teen-movies ont pour une fois quelque chose à dire. Le dialogue est peu présent dans ce monde d’adolescents où la musique assourdissante bloque tout contact. On assiste terrifié au suicide d’une jeunesse qui « n’a pas de talent ». Au final, on ne se sent ni mieux, ni différent... Juste fatigué d’avoir espéré autre chose.
La vie ne s’arrête pas, pas encore, on continue, et on ne rembobine rien du tout.

Réalisé entre juin et décembre 2007 par les élèves du collège-lycée Buffon, ce second moyen-métrage a été projeté devant plus de 160 personnes le 30 janvier 2008 et a bénéficié d'un article dans le magazine d'actualité Marianne :

"Le titre pourrait passer pour une promesse: «Baccalauréat». Réalisé à Paris dans le cadre du lycée Buffon par Morgan Gicquel, un élève de terminale S (option cinéma), ce moyen-métrage de cinquante minutes raconte l'histoire de cinq élèves s'apprêtant à essuyer l'épreuve reine de la scolarité française.

Sans le savoir, Morgan Gicquel a parfaitement résumé dans son film - projeté au lycée le 30 janvier dernier, jour de ses 18 ans - les conclusions effarantes d'une batterie de rapports et d'études qui, chacun à sa façon, dressent ces temps-ci un tableau plutôt sombre des jeunes Français. Certains vont mal, très mal. Et, selon une enquête de la Fondation pour l'innovation politique, menée dans 17 pays industrialisés - «Les jeunesses face à leur avenir» -, ils sont, avec les Japonais, les plus pessimistes des 15-29 ans interrogés à travers le monde. Ils voient l'avenir en noir. C'est la grande déprime."

Le voici enfin sur internet dans une version remasterisé à partir des rushes d'origines.