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About Me

I grew up with two important father figures, my father's video camera he often took home after reporting around the world for France 2, and the Jurassic Park toys from McDonald's Happy Meals I could found in kindergarten.

And through that you can see my entire life: the fascination of small monsters you could transform in ordinary shapes and this huge device, more than half my size, which could record everything I saw.

When I was 11, I got 'Lego Studio' a Lego movie set with its own mini-camera and mini-editing software. All my stop-motion learning come from here as I worked on a set cut out for my size.

Every morning before going to school, at the age of 13, I watched a film. I got up two hours before the classes began and before getting some instruction, I educated myself with Polanski, Spielberg, Weir, Kubrick, Lynch - to name but a few - for more than four years.

14 years old: I film everything. My friends, my dog, my parents, the sea, the sky, the moon, legos... I begin to build my own short-stories with my friends and what comes handy. In eight grade I co-direct with three classmates a 14minutes documentary about the Shoah.

I went for a scientific high school diploma. But, even though I have a real fascination for science, my grades doesn't hold up. I try to make up for my non-scholar mind in going regularly to a film workshop where we experiment video art. With the firm intention of doing things my way, and while discovering Kubrick's cinema, I decide to make a 50minutes film with some classmate and my own equipment. We then set up a paying screening which attracted some 150 viewers.

I did it again in twelfth grade with a second 50minute long film, the same year I would pass my high school diploma in science (baccalauréat S). The film, called Baccalauréat, is about the insecurities and self-estime issues with teenagers and got an article in the french magazine Marianne.

My high school diploma in hands, I went to Paris VIII university to follow a bachelor in philosophy with a minor on film studies. As I always dreamt of an open education in a humanist way, I certainly got what I wanted.

During the summer with my old high school classmates, we create a film society to help teenagers between the ages of 15 and 25 to make films, animations and music (in direct relation with cinema). I'm appointed president.

During the second semester of my first college year I became politicly engaged in a strike against french law LRU which could result to ending such curriculum as philosophy & cinema. I direct lots of short reports and experimental short-features mostly with "la Ronde Infinie des Obstiné(e)s" a teacher's movement that lasted for three month.

That's how, at the age of 21, on my third college year, as I directed ten short-films and lots of other videos, I came to give a semestrial course in Paris VIII about the question I always asked myself: what is cinema?

Now that I am 24, 20 short-films behind me, a second film societyn created about experimenting in fiction, and moving to Brooklyn to study filmmaking, I strive for becoming part of an established production company, and finally direct professional features with people as passionate about film as I always have been.


Director, Editor

Since July 2015
  • Directing a music video for Mathieu Salama's interpretation of Cold Song.
  • Directing a teaser for Mathieu Salama's upcoming concerts.

Operator, Editor - Documentary

January 2015 - January 2015
  • Recording images for an upcoming documentary about a French organization tearing apart prejudices with youth.
  • Editing a demo-reel for the documentary.

Director, Editor, Operator - Corporate Videos

Teletime Video
August 2014 - December 2014
  • Directing, filming and color grading corporate videos for clients such as: ADP, Geico, Hooters, Great Clips...

Editor, Color Grader - Feature Documentary

Collaborate Ideas & Images
June 2014 - September 2014
  • Editing a feature documentary (52min) on L.A.C.E.S. a soccer initiative in post civil war Liberia.

Editor, Color Grader - Webserie

Collaborate Ideas & Images
May 2014 - August 2014
  • Editing, color grading and mixing three episodes of The World Cup Project, a tv-series about the Soccer World Cup

Director - Music Video

Alejandro Meola
March 2014 - May 2014
  • Directing, editing and color grading music video shot on 16mm film stock for the single Black Feather Angels.

Director - Short film

Crop The Block
May 2013 - May 2013
  • Directing Baby Got His Gun a fictional short-feature about french street Rue Mouffetard for a virtual video map of Paris created by Crop The Block.

Director, Editor - Corporate Videos & Challenges
March 2013 - April 2013
  • Filming and editing 22 pitchs for the french economic magazine Challenges.

Director - Music Video

DAäRi (band)
Since October 2012
  • Director & editor for stop-motion music video of the single : 'the dreamer' by DAäRi -->

Director, Editor - Corporate Videos

September 2012 - July 2013
  • Directing and editing 72 corporate videos for

Operator, Editor - Video Reporter

Lagardère active
November 2012 - January 2013
  • Video recording and editing events.
  • In charge of a WebTv for three weeks.

Speaker - Movie-Club

November 2012 - June 2013
  • Choosing and introducing movies.
  • Organizing debates about the movies.

Editor - Commercial Video

May 2012 - May 2012
  • Editing a clip about QU QIANMEI

Student Jury Member - European Film Festival in Essonne

November 2011 - November 2011
  • Student Jury member during the 13th European film festival in Essonne.
  • Watching all ten long-feature film in competiton, debating and giving the 2011 Student price.

President - Film Society

Lizard's Pride Pictures
July 2011 - June 2013
  • Creating and registering the association.
  • Choosing and maintaining follow-up on film projects.

Director - Making-of documentary

May 2011 - August 2011
  • Directing a documentary about the filming of "Un Bonheur n'arrive jamais seul" by James Huth.

Teacher - University film course

January 2011 - May 2011
  • Philosophic analysis of cinematographic fictions.

Teacher - High School Directing Workshop

September 2010 - May 2011
  • Helping and teaching students to write a short-feature script.
  • Helping students with the video equipments.
  • Support the students in shooting and editing the short-feature.

Editor - video clip

June 2010 - July 2010
  • Editing a teaser for a video clip.
  • Editing a video clip + color calibration.

Speaker at a Seminar About Philosophy and Documentary

October 2009 - June 2010
  • Philosophic analysis of cinematographic documentaries.
  • Help in programming.
  • Translation and french subtitling Jean-Luc Godard "British Sounds"

Cameraman - Journalist

Ronde Infinie des Obstiné(e)s
March 2009 - June 2009
  • Recording and editing announcement (more than 20 000 views on dailymotion - the french youtube).
  • Vidéo follow-up of all the Ronde activities.


  • French - mother tongue (written & spoken)
  • English - fluent (written & spoken)
    - 108/120 test TOEFL
  • Spanish - basic (written & spoken)
  • Italian - basic (written)
  • Final cut Pro 7
  • Compressor
  • iDvd
  • iMovie HD
  • Pixelmator
  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Sound Boomer
  • Teaching


Undergraduate film studies - Brooklyn College

Brooklyn College
Since August 2013

Jury Grand Prize - Négociné

April 2012 - April 2012

Négociné Jury Grand Prize for The End of The World (2011).

Philosophy & Cinema Bachelor

Université de Paris VIII
September 2008 - January 2012

Cum Laude Distinction

High-School Diploma in Science

Lycée Buffon
September 2005 - June 2008

Science with a minor in film studies.